Pic of the week #8 Thaipusam

L1002372-Edit-1THAIPUSAM 2014

The annual Thaipusam festival was held yesterday In Singapore as well as in other cities in Asia with large hindi communities. This is the first time that I had visited to see what it was all about. The festival starts in the late evening the night before where devotees meet at the Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple for prayer and offerings before proceeding to Sri Thendayuthapani Temple about 4-5km carrying various types of kavadi’s.


Photo of the week #7 – Whats your angle?

DSC_6003-Edit-1whats your angle?

An early morning walk along Charles Bridge before the hoards of tourists descends proved rewarding as the light around 7:30am was just simply stunning.

Photo Essay: Burma

To be honest, I wasn’t sure of what to expect of this trip. As usual I trolled the net, trip adviser etc. A common theme I found that were many articles and books were actually outdated in terms of the overall perception of the place. As always, high up on the list was satisfying my photography appetite in a new and foreign place. Having lived abroad away from Asia for a few years I knew that this would e an exciting opportunity see something completely different and I wasn’t let down.
It’s difficult to try and capture the best of a city at any time, let alone a traveller there for a few days only. I always feel it takes a while to settle in, get your barrings until the juices start to flow. What I found from my trip and what was evident in my pics was that there were not that many sites in terms of your standard tourist attraction destination. But what they had in abundance was a natural and sincere friendliness and openness not present in many modern day societies which many of us live in. 
L1001755-12 L1001933-Edit-7 L1001945-Edit-8 L1001745-Edit-6 L1001711-Edit-6 L1001516-Edit-Edit-5 L1001690-2 L1001696-3 L1001668-1 Yangon portraits L1001269-Edit-1
Although these virtues were not apparently obvious to me at the time, I do feel that subconsciously it played some part in swaying the images captured. Looking back an extremely high proportion of portraits were taken. Significantly more. As I have travelled more I have tried recently to have a more local feel to my photos instead of the blatent tourist shots and looking back, what better way is there to capture the essence of a city than through its people.  The images were taken with my Leica X Vario & M-E. I hope you enjoyed them.
Thanks L.

Photo of the week #6 – In the middle of the road


In the Middle of the Road

Taken during my travels in Iceland last year during winter. The Icelandic landscape is one to behold. Constrasting and untouched. During winter, the sun sets very early but hovers over the horizon for an extended period of time. Whilst driving back to Reykjavik the setting sun and parting clouds creating the amazing light which you see. I was fortunate that I was the only one on the road and pulled the car over to capture this.

Photo of the week #3

Street Art(Street Art)

We are somewhere else in London for today. Taken in spring near Shoreditch station. For those who don’t know, London is a real treasure trove for photo opportunities. head in one direction for 5 minutes and you could be in a totally different place visually from where you were. For those who know, make the most of the photographic opportunities. I have been privileged to travel to many countries and cities (well not that many =)) But every time I think if London…. Its such a great city. I think the best in the world having been lucky to live for for some time.

Thanks for looking and have a great Christmas!