shwesandaw pagoda

Bagan(Bagan Sunset from Shwesandaw in Black & White)

If you don’t know already, this is referred to as the sun set pagoda. It is a 3 storied pagoda where as it seems, the entire tourist population descends upon at around 5pm. For those who have a fear of heights beware, the steps are steep and I’m not kidding. However, go slow and you will be fine. At any of its level, the pagoda presents sweeping views of Bagan, although the top level was expectedly the busiest.

Sunsets and sunrises are always a wonder to us all. To photographers the ever changing colour and direction of the light at that time presents opportunities to capture some amazing images, while to the non-photographer it allows time to reflect and wonder. This wonderful event paired with a cloudless day provided the ingredients of a fiery sunset.

(Chasing shadows at Shwesandaw)

 Starting with the heat haze the scene then turns to a bright yellow with glare. As I continue pressing the shutter I hear voices of many from near and afar, all for the time being, enjoying not only the company of nature but of each other. Tourists, locals and monks watch in splender as the sun recedes slowly, creating a fiery orange sky. Then unexpectedly, the place goes quiet as we all savour the last few seconds of the setting sun.



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