Yangon – Circle Line Train

It’s been about 2 hours into the ride. I’m lying down staring at the rotating fan hanging from the ceiling of the train. It makes a thudding noise as it rotates, arguably reminiscent of a hot overseas jail cell (well, not quite and I wouldn’t want to know!) I feel my eyes getting heavy and decide that resistance is futile.

I close them for a few minutes but before long, a loud whistle blasts. I can feel the train slowing into another station, but this one sounded different. There was a lot of commotion, more so than the previous say 10 stops. I get up slowly, feel the warm breeze across my face on what is a smouldering day. Looking out of the window, I’m fascinated.

The platform is packed as people get onto the train. On the other side where the rail tracks are, a market takes place where people have come to buy and sell their produce – fresh vegetables, fruit as well as cooked foods and drinks.. All happening right before your eyes, the local Burmese people go on with their lives and is is only a privilege to have been a part of something local and authentic.

– 1 USD for a ticket. Ride is approx 3 hours one way but it circles and returns to Yangon stn

– Ticket sales from platform 7 but train may leave from any other. Stay close to the officer at the ticket office and they should be able to bring you tithe right train.

– This is not for everybody. I wouldn’t say it’s roughing it, but this is a train that locals take to go from A -B carrying their goods to sell. This can be anything from bananas to live or dead chickens. But it’s a great insight into how people live

– train station is walkable from Traders hotel.

– Bring water

– Although you can get off and take the train in the opposite direction I didn’t figure it would get me back sooner factoring time to wait for the other train, especially if you have been on for say an hr

– If you can, move to the local carriages where is more fascinating. The train doesn’t stop for long at the stations so make sure you move from one cabin at a time!

I leave you with an image of a little traveller on the circle line.



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