Myanmar (Burma)


Having recently returned to Asia I was in need of getting  away from work any the city. Despite living in Asia before for about 3 years in my adult life I had really not ventured much into Asia, especially the more exotic places so I thought Burma would be a good start. I didn’t have that many days available, so a 5 day trip was planed to take in Yangon and Bagan. I really wanted to see the city life on Yangon and the sunset at Bagan.

Looking around at the Internet and guide books I didn’t really know what to expect.. Take CNN’s travel report which was written in late 2013 about taxis having holes in the floor etc. it was nothing like that.

I had planned for 2.5 days in Yangon. My main purpose as always, is to experience the place, eat the food and of course photography. This might seem like a lot if time in Yangon, but personally it felt right. If im honest, I would have liked to have maybe another half day. Yangon doesn’t have the sights / interests to keep most travellers around for long. Most people I spoke to were in and out in a day, but there really is quite a bit to soak in – the people, the traffic, the buzz. I plan to touch on sights and interests in a separate post but for now, I would like to conclude on my thoughts of what Yangon is and not

– traffic congestion
– friendly
– safe

– backwards *
– what most guide books say ( most need a severe update)

* despite the talk if lack of cell phones and or technology. It was clear to me that many were using more advanced phones than I was (iPhone 4). I was also able to make calls using my own phone with own sim.

Stay tuned………



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